Data Improves Decisions

Turn fish into Data

With so much of the data collection in fisheries focused on Science (that takes years to complete), the needs of fishers and business are left behind. That is why Infofish Australia is different, we only focus on the needs of the fishing community.

Infofish was collecting fishing data for a good 10 years before becoming a professional data collection agency. With 30 years in the business we know a thing or two about data.

Here are five lessons we can share:

Data collected needs to match the needs of decision makers

Timeliness of data is more important than volume
The future is more important than the past. Collect data for change, not reports.
While quality of data is important, even lower quality data sets provide useful insights
Modern Technology is moving much faster than management measures. We innovate with technology so we aren’t left behind.

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How have we Performed

1.2 Million Fish Recorded
65,000 Fish Recaptured by the public
The only recognised accreditor for Fish Tagging

Worked with over 12000 fishers
1000 Cast Net Recruitment Surveys
Completed over 100 official projects

Data Collection Services

Fish Tagging
Public Surveys
Competition Data
Commercial Catch and Effort Data
Boat Ramp/Creel Surveys
Market Research Forums
Accessing Public Data (e.g. Commercial or Economic Data)