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Competition with Benefits

Fishing events like all sports need to evolve with the times. Infofish Australia has been at the cutting edge of Fishing Events for over 15 years through events like the Rocky Barra Bounty.

Increasingly we find events are under pressure to maintain participation and meet community expectations on issues such as fish stocks and ethical treatment of fish.

Our approach has been to meet those issues head on.

Three fundamentals apply:

Events have to provide evidence that they don’t impact the fishery
Events need to give the community insights on the state of the fishery
Events need to embrace the community and share the fun

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Some of our Firsts

First to go Photo Based (in the age of disposable cameras)
First to get a 5 star neatfish rating
First to be use event data for fisheries montoring
First to implement rulers designed to improve accuracy of data
First to implement a realtime online scoreboard
First to cover the entire event via a social feed


Analysis of Event Data for planning
Assisting events to provide better data to the community
Realtime feeds of data to publicise the event
Apps to automate data collection and scoring
Consulting for Social Media Strategy
Consulting on Neatfish Accreditation