Think Future Not Past

Analyse the things that Matter

Almost all decisions in fisheries are made after a problem arises and years of data collection and analysis are completed. Frustrated by the lack of ability to identify and address problems before they became serious, Infofish decided to flip the way Analysis is done on its head. We call it Crystal Bowl.

In the process, we changed the status quo and put fishers in the driving seat of their destiny.

Crystal Bowl is the most successful forecasting system in the country. On the back of it’s success Infofish Australia is now one of the largest private sector publishers of fishing data analysis in the world.

If you have a fishing problem, chances are Infofish Australia can offer you a new way of looking at the problem that puts you in control of the solution.

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    We Find the Story in your data

    We work with Commercial, Tagging, Competition, Club and any other available data
    We use the latest Business Intelligence & GIS Tools
    We focus on telling a simple visual story

    We focus on Realtime Tracking rather than Annual Reporting

    Analysis Services

    We now monitor over a hundred areas/species with real time data via Crystal Bowl
    Catch Rates & Fishing Effort

    Recruitment Success
    Forecasting Fishing Outcomes
    Economic Analysis
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